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Established in 1993, Information Publishing Limited is an investment holding company.

Company number: 1667975
Date of incorporation: 28 September 1982
Registered office: 5 Highgate Road, London NW5 1JY, England
Total authorised shares: 1,000,000,000 of 1p each
Shares outstanding: 14,478,550 ordinary shares of 1p each
Number of shareholders: 10
Number of option holders: 35
Number of staff: 400
Year end: 31 December

Active Investments:

Owned by Information Publishing Limited:
Exchange Data International Limited, UK (100%)
Exchange Data International Limited, Morocco (99.9%)
Exchange Data International Limited India Private Limited (99.9%)
Capital Track (100%)
Share Data Limited (100%)

Owned by Information Publishing Incorporated:
Financial Information Incorporated (100%)
Share Data America Inc (100%)
FTS Software, Inc (80%)
Municipal Bonds Information Services (90%)
Securities Quote Xchange (80%)
Shibui Fixed Income Inc (80%)


7 Offices in 4 Countries

Headquarters Located
5 Highgate Road, London NW5 1JY, England



IPL Acquires FTS Software, Inc. Visit the FTS Software, Inc website.


IPL Acquires Shibui Fixed Income. Visit the ShiBui Markets website


IPL Acquires Municipal Bond Information Services (MBIS). Visit the MBIS website


IPL Acquires Securities Quote Xchange LLC. Visit the SQX Website


IPL Acquires Financial Information Incorporated. Visit the FII Website

Name Change

Company changes it's name to Information Publishing Limited (IPL).

EDI Ventures

Exchange Data International Launches EDI Ventures. Visit the Exchange Data International Website


IPL Acquires 100% of CapitalTrack Limited. Visit the CapitalTrack website.


IPL Establishes Exchange Data (Middle East & Africa) Societe Anonyme.


IPL establishes Findataportal Inc. Visit the FinDataPortal website


iPL Acquires Remaining 50% Interest in Share Data Limited. Visit the Share Data Website.


Exchange Data International (EDI) Launches Worldwide Corporate Actions Product.


IPL Acquires 50% Interest in Share Data Limited. Visit the Share Data Website.


IPL Acquires the Remaining Two Thirds of Exchange Data International Limited.


IPL Acquires 1/3 Interest in Exchange Data International Limited (EDI).

Name Change

Company Changes Its Name to Information Publishing Plc (IPP).

Our Advisors

In 2019, Exchange Data International (EDI) appointed an advisory panel to advise the business on its next stage of growth. This panel includes three industry experts that will assist EDI in developing its strategies for both acquisiton and organic growth.

EDI Ventures

Get complimentary financial data to jump-start your business with EDI Ventures.

We still remember what it’s like to start a business, with a very big idea and a very limited budget.
EDI Ventures has successfully enrolled early stage entrepreneurial Fintech companies in the programme. Our partners are already seeing the rewards and productively signing up subscribers to their services.

How can we help ?

We’ll provide you with the data you need-at no cost in order to reach the critical ‘proof of concept’ step, where you can demonstrate your product to potential users, partners and suppliers.

What’s in it for us?

1. A revenue share in the sales which utilise our data and which also gives you the right to continue your nil-cost data supply.
2. An option of some of your company’s equity, as recompense for taking an early-stage position, and eliminating at least one of the multiple calls on your capital resources.

The Next Step

If you are interested in an EDI Venture Partnership, please contact CEO Jonathan Bloch at: j.bloch@exchange-data.com

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